Andrew Yang’s suggestion for stopping coronavirus racism was wrong (Washington Post)

I’m a first-year teacher during the pandemic. Here’s what helped me find my footing. (Chalkbeat)

Anti-Blackness in China and Why Critical Race Theory Falls Short (Areo Magazine)

What Your Favorite CC Author Says About Your Quarantine Lifestyle (Columbia Federalist)


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Satire Column for Columbia Daily Spectator:

Columbia should allow economics majors to graduate early to help insurance companies exploit sick patients

Student “absolutely positive” that girl from Zoom class is locking eyes with him

Petition to bully anyone who disagrees with my petition

Trailblazing Columbia student comes out as moderate

Columbia sophomore reaches 500+ connections on LinkedIn, achieves self-actualization

News Coverage for Columbia Daily Spectator:

Even with promise of sanctuary, an uncertain future for undocumented students

With dining halls open over breaks, requests for emergency food grants decline

Hundreds demand sanctuary campus for undocumented students

Undocumented students face uncertain future after Trump’s victory

RAs given same amount of training as residents on emergency protocols

Resident advisers on financial aid receive less benefits than peer RAs

Resident advisers on financial aid compensated less than peers

Councils, FLIP aim to expand Emergency Meal Fund program

Councils, FLIP to target food insecurity through new partnership

At Columbia, activist Shaun King calls on students to combat racism, police brutality

CCSC, ESC candidates debate best approach to financial support, unified community

The Tab US

Columbia students protest to reject white nationalist speaker on campus

The best Instagram accounts at Columbia

An Ivy League memelord explains exactly how he makes the dankest memes on the internet

Penn professor writes the worst hot take of the summer

What equality really means: An Asian-American take on affirmative action

Which member of the Trump administration are you?

College meme groups posting sponsored content is neither dank nor spicy

Martin Shkreli is no longer coming to Mel’s tonight

Bacchanal was lit af and here are the best pictures from it

These are the best college meme groups in America, as voted for by you

Which college meme group is the spiciest?

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